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A la carte

Arrival of the client and family

  • Hotel reservation

  • Pick up from the airport

  • Reservation for car hire

  • Car seat rental for children

  • Guided city tour (two hours)

  • Overview of the real estate and rental market (3 to 5 visits)

  • Assistance in renting relevant furniture

  • Presence of a representative upon arrival of furnishings

  • Assistance provided for furnishing and decoration

  • Running of errands (e.g. collect keys from real estate agency)


Work / residence permit

Providing support to clients in relation to all administrative formalities with cantonal authorities for work / residence permits:

  • Permit B (long-term residency, Europeans / AELE, except Bulgaria and Romania)

  • Permit L (short-term residency)

  • Permit G (persons authorised to work in Switzerland, living in surrounding areas of France)

  • Permit C (residence authorization)


Private schools

  • Overview private school options according to client criteria

  • Appointment with pre-selected schools

  • Accompanied visits



  • Assistance provided for purchase of a vehicle

  • Assistance provided for registration of a vehicle

  • Forms provided and arrangement for importation

  • Forms provided and arrangement for obtaining a Swiss driver’s licence


Cultural integration

  • Overview of surrounding suburbs & points of interest affecting daily life.  This includes shopping areas, hospitals & clinics, banks, bus routes, etc.


Departure of the client and family

  • Negotiation of the end of rental contract

  • Support in finding a new tenant when the client has not respected the terms of the contract i.e. when departure is prior to contract end date

  • Moving-out inspection with coordination of home-cleaning services, garden work and repairs, as required

  • Cancellation of telephone, Internet, electricity services and maintenance contracts

  • Cancellation of rental deposit guarantee and reimbursement, as appropriate

  • Support in finding removal company



  • Organization of conventions

  • Company Dinners, cocktails & other events

  • Initiation to Golf

  • Golf and ski outings or weekends

Please contact us, for any additional information

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